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Author of the Mason Kennett and Joe Doe Thrillers, and the Tyler Buchanan Mysteries

Hello! I’m an English author based in Ely and Cambridge. I’m a Manchester United fan and yes, that probably is me in the corner of the pub reading or writing. Come on over and say hello.

****Coming Soon****

The Third Time – Introducing Mason Kennett

Mason Kennett doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but it’s the only way he knows.

When Mason arrives in Groundsville, all he wants to do is stay out of trouble. Because when Mason Kennett gets into trouble, people die.

But there’s something wrong in Groundsville. Something is going on at the auto-plant. And the deeper Mason looks, the more sure he is that whatever they’re up to, it’s bad.

So Mason has to make a decision. Is whatever’s going on out there worse than what will happen if he gets involved?

The first Mason Kennett thriller is available for preorder now – email JoeDoeBooks@gmail.com

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